Red Petal

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The Red Petal is a versatile op-amp fuzz with an extremely wide range of gain settings: from dirty boost, to broken-speaker fuzz, to synth-like, square-wave velcro with massive, low-end push.

Versatile Controls


The Level knob controls the overall level of the effect. This one gets loud.


Expand controls the amount of fuzz in the signal.


At lower gain settings the Tone switch toggles a gentle high cut, while offering either a thick, bass boosted or mid-boosted, jangly square-wave fuzz at higher settings.


Input impedance 1 Mohm.

Output Impedance 1 Kohm.

Dimensions W 2.375" (60mm) x L 4.375" (111mm) x H 2.125" (54mm)

Use only a 9v, center-negative, 100ma or greater power supply. An isolated power supply is recommended if chained with other effects.

All Radio Mule pedals are hand built in Tacoma, WA.