Electric Beard

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  • Electric Beard

Parallel Twin Fuzz

The Electric Beard is a parallel twin fuzz that merges a modified, Black Russian Muff style circuit with a classic, Super Fuzz style octave up fuzz. Blend in as much or as little of each signal as you like to find your perfect tone.



Controls how much signal hits the parallel clipping circuits. Anything from mild overdrive to full on raging fuzz is possible.


Mix as much of either fuzz circuit into the sound as you like. Full counter-clockwise gives you a warm wooly fuzz based on a black Russian Big Muff. Turning the knob clockwise adds an octave fuzz inspired by the old Super Fuzz pedals.


Controls a typical Big Muff tone stack; all bass to the left, all treble to the right.


Shifts the tonal center of the tone stack, adding body and fullness or reducing muddiness.


Controls the output level of the Electric Beard. The output stage is tuned to be exceptionally loud, giving you plenty of volume to experiment with blended, low-gain fuzz sounds and boost the front end of your amplifier.

Handmade in Tacoma

The Electric Beard is 100% hand-built in Tacoma, WA. All Radio Mule pedals are manufactured with high-quality components—including Wima polypropylene capacitors, Dale/Vishay mil-spec resistors, and C0G dielectric MLCCs—to ensure lower noise and greater reliability. Mechanical true-bypass is handled by a high-quality, Gorva designed, 3PDT switch. Alpha pots and Lumberg jacks are used to ensure your pedal will live a long and happy life.


Use only a 9v, BOSS style center negative power supply. Isolated power supplies are recommended if chained with other effects.


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