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Introducing High, the new low-gain overdrive preamp from Radio Mule. Inspired by hi-fi and studio preamp designs, as well as some of the most popular overdrive circuits in history. Combining internal voltage doubling, asymmetric diode clipping, a 2-band active EQ, and an active volume control that supplies up to 15db of clean gain; High brings new levels of clarity and tone shaping to your pedal board.


Volume: Active volume control. From full attenuation to +15db volume boost.

Bass: Boost or attenuate low frequencies by up to 12db.

Treble: Boost or attenuate high frequencies by up to 12db.

Drive: Increase gain to the clipping circuit, adding grit and compression.

EQ Toggles

Bass EQ shape (): Toggles Bass control eq curve between a low-shelf filter (boost or cut everything below the cutoff frequency) and peaking or bell shaped filter.

Bass cutoff frequency: Toggles between a 150hz and 300hz cutoff frequency.

Treble cutoff frequency: Toggles between 600hz and 1.2khz cutoff frequency . Treble control is hardwired as a hi-shelf filter.


Input impedance 1 Mohm.

Output Impedance 1 Kohm.

Dimensions W 4.6" (117mm) x L 3.5" (89mm) x H 2.25" (57mm)

Use only a 9v, center-negative, 100ma or greater power supply. An isolated power supply is recommended if chained with other effects.

All Radio Mule pedals are hand built in Tacoma, WA.